Zahdan Retail, Zahdan Technologies & Zahdan Lifestyle are operational under the umbrella of Zahdan Group. Zahdan Retail owns Bateel, Jomara, Papparoti & Buddha Bar, Zahdan Technologies owns Tejari Pakistan whereas Zahdan Lifestyle owns Quintessentially Pakistan, the leading luxury 'Members Only' concierge club.

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Zahdan Technologies

At Zahdan Technologies, we are helping to change the way people do business in Pakistan. We understand that technological innovation is changing the face of how business is transacted and that it is imperative to keep abreast of this ever changing landscape to ensure that the business communities we serve have the best chance of leveraging those innovations to meet the challenges of a more globalized business environment. Our services and support focus on optimizing the value technology can bring for our customers every day.

Zahdan Lifestyle

In 2013 Quintessentially Lifestyle launched in Pakistan with a vision to provide exclusive services and benefits to members throughout the region in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Quintessentially Lifestyle has a global presence with over 60 offices worldwide offering personalized and bespoke services to members 24/7 and 365 days of the year. In an industry that aims to go above and beyond, our team showcases this every day, continually striving to go the extra mile. With insider knowledge and special access we're devoted to empowering our members in their endeavors. We are proudly redefining the meaning of concierge in Pakistan and invite you to experience the limitless world of luxury lifestyle management.

Zahdan Retail

Zahdan Retail Private Limited owns and operates vibrant and dominant hospitality and retail brands like Bateel and Jomara. Our vision is to be the leader in quality brands, from fine dining to general retail. Our passion for excellence and premium quality enables us to provide our customers with an experience beyond expectations.