Zahdan Technologies is a franchise partner of Tejari which is the leading B2B online marketplace in the emerging markets. It enables buyers and sellers to transact and share information about a variety of goods and services via a secured internet environment. It provides a single point of contact for an open and growing community of buyers and suppliers, permitting spot-purchasing and on-line auctions that enable participant’s real-time access to new markets and greater cost savings. Its main objective is to be the future of Commerce in Pakistan by being the sole point of trade for Businesses in Pakistan. Not only locally but also across the globe.

Tejari’s spirit, commitment and strength remains steadfastly focused on the emerging world in exciting, educating and enabling businesses to join in on the transformation of world trade.
Emerging markets currently account for only twenty percent of world trade, but in less than fifteen years time that figure is estimated to reach fifty percent. Tejari will play a key role intensifying that transformation.

Consulting Services

  1. Comprehensive Spend Analysis

Tejari Strategic Procurement Services is committed in enabling its clients improve procurement cost efficiencies, at all levels. We support appropriate demand planning, inventory management and supply contract management processes to rationalize spend data and improve spend visibility.

  1. Vendor Performance Assessment & Optimization

We demonstrate ways to create stronger supplier relationships which are based on price and performance. Through the introduction of ‘vendor scorecards’ and tracking performance details, the customers will be able to track quality, delivery, performance, responsiveness, cost/price variance and more.

  1. Business Process Re-engineering

Our strategic procurement consultants who are experts in the field of procurement best practices will be ready to assess your spend and make recommendations on how best to rationalize your organization administrative items that you requested to be reviewed; These e-procurement solution consultants will observe your day-to-day processes, working with you, identifying, assessing, recommending and suggesting alternative processes if required, highlighting any efficiencies that may have been missed, and identifying any high changes to the business processes already in place. BPR is the main way in which organizations become more efficient and modernize.

The two cornerstones of any organization are the people and the processes. If individuals are motivated and working hard, yet the business processes are cumbersome and non-essential activities remain, organizational performance will be poor. BPR is the key to transforming how people work.

To be successful, BPR projects need to be top down, taking in the complete organization, and the full end to end processes. It needs to be supported by tools that make processes easy to track and analyze. The need for businesses to improve the way they operate by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their business processes is a well-proven and documented approach. The rapid developments in enabling technology and changing customer needs, demands and sophistication have continued to fuel the need for ever-changing process improvements. Based on this need, Tejari FZ LLC offers its services in the procurement business process improvement, based on our experience in the procurement field as the leading B2B marketplace in the region, robust methodologies and tools.

  1. Strategic Sourcing through Event Management

Tejari has been brought in to provide the process experience and expertise to ensure the sourcing event project runs successfully. Tejari will support you at every step of the event with professional advice, tools, well thought out processes and robust documents and templates. Tejari will turn this event into a very interesting project, which concluded with significant cost saving.

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