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Jaggaer is a leading global procurement software organization offering JaggaerAdvantage, a full suite of strategic eProcurement and sourcing solutions which include Source-to-Pay, savings management, spend analysis, supplier management, sourcing, contract management, invoice management, purchase management and catalog management.

Powered by a unique supplier-focused approach that integrates supplier lifetime value throughout the entire procurement process, JaggaerAdvantage provides the visibility, insight and transparency needed to power and improve every procurement initiative and decision.

Benefits of JaggaerAdvantage include full lifecycle process support that increases maturity, integrates both strategic and tactical processes and enables cross- functional collaboration. The single platform increases efficiency by ensuring organizations experience a single user interface and that data is consistent across processes which lowers administrative overhead while improving operational transparency.

With its market leading global strategic procurement platform, 15+ years of practitioner experience, directly serving over 70 countries, JaggaerSolution helps more than 650 companies and 150,000 purchasing professionals worldwide unlock the power of procurement to drive financial performance, build procurement organizational excellence, manage risk, and influence innovation. JaggaerSolution has direct operations in 18 offices located in 12 countries across 4 continents, employing more than 650 procurement experts. JaggaerSolution’s approach to strategic sourcing and procurement consistently delivers business outcomes to enable customers to outperform.

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