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Mining Division

Zahdan Mining Division has recently commenced the extraction of dimensional stones including Onyx, Granite and Marble from over a dozen deposits in the Chagai District of Balochistan. Due to the proximity to the Afghan border, these mines offers niche-quality translucent, pure white, green and other vibrant varieties of color combinations that have same quality and aesthetics of Afghan Onyx.

Zahdan Mining Division has proudly introduced its first ever range of dimensional stones – TOP ROCK – which are being mined in proximity of Reko Diq in the Chagai district of Balochistan. The Zahdan Mining Division is determined to apply innovative mining methods encompassing modern mechanized mining for the extraction of Onyx and Granite. Both these products have beautiful colors and attractive textures that can be transformed into square blocks, slabs, tiles or other specialized shapes and sizes in line with market demand and requirements.

At global level, “Onyx” is synonym to luxury, used for ornamental and decorative artwork. Certain enthusiasts have found its use in high-end fixtures, furniture, flooring and wall-cladding to add value to their environment. Key highlights of Zahdan Mining Division’s superior system of work includes:

  • Extraction of Onyx and Granite blocks that are in line with global standards
  • Preclusion of the possibility of damage to the extracted Onyx and Granite blocks
  • Regulation of production in line with market demand
  • Processing of blocks into slabs and/or tiles with end-to-end Italian machineries and abrasives

Onyx and Granite Processing Plant:

From our Onyx and Granite Mines, handpicked blocks arrive at Marble City of Hub to be processed at a state of art processing plant. This fully automated plant features complete line of Italian Machineries and use of Italian Abrasives with “22 Head Auto Polishing Line” to deliver the dream. Our finished product emulates global standards and also affords us the flexibility to meet the requirement of our client in terms of dimensions, type of finish, packing and worldwide shipment.

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