CIPS is the world’s largest professional body serving procurement and supply; a not-for profit organization that exists for the public. CIPS have the largest membership of procurement and supply professionals in the world, covering all industries, sectors and job activities and have a global community of over 115,000 in 150 countries. Throughout the world CIPS qualifications are recognized as the drivers of leading-edge thinking and professionalism in procurement and supply.

Zahdan Technologies has obtained approval from Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply to open CIPS study Centre in Pakistan. CIPS Pakistan study Centre is providing wide range of services to support professional development and to help organizations achieve all-round excellence in procurement. The CIPS Diploma in Purchasing and Supply is a high level qualification accredited by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) in the UK and appears on the Register of Regulated Qualifications.

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